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Maschinenraum Recruitment Circle

Co-Creating the Next Generation of Mittelstand

We believe in the effectiveness of the inter-company and cross-industry exchange and in the fact that the incurring impulses strengthen each organization facing challenges of digital transformation.

The Maschinenraum Recruitment Circle brings together recruiting forces of German Mittelstand and family businesses to share current challenges, knowledge, and best practices in the recruiting field and in this way learn from and with each other.

A lack of skilled professionals in Mittelstand

The challenge

German Mittelstand loses around 50 billion euros in sales annually because too many jobs remain vacant. It takes a Mittelstand company an average of 107 days to fill a position. The lack of skilled professionals is particularly noticeable in job advertisements that are imperative for the transformation of the core business. The problem: the awareness and visibility of Mittelstand within the country's top universities is currently too low, and the reach across social media channels and job platforms is too marginal, which prevents young talents from applying. We want to change that.

The solution

We want to enable Mittelstand to understand the future and to shape it courageously. With the Maschinenraum Recruitment Circle, we counter the problem of the skilled professionals shortage by ...



Building a strong and solid network for HR managers



Enabling regular exchange formats about actual challenges and problems and thus share knowledge, experience, and resources


Maschinenraum expert network

Granting access to Maschinenraum expert network, and therefore facilitating exchange with partners and solution providers as well as impulses by external industry experts


Sourcing activities

Building a bridge to Germany's top universities, enabling exchange formats with academic partners like ESCP, and thus jointly sourcing activities and appearances such as guest lectures or seminars

Maschinenraum Recruitment Circle

answers questions…

  • How are other recruiting departments structured?

  • How do I establish an agile recruiting process?

  • Through which channels do I reach potential candidates most effectively?

  • What are the right IT tools and methods for an optimal recruiting process?

  • How do I actively involve my employees in employer branding campaigns on social media channels?

Let’s co-create

next Generation of Mittelstand

Together we want to shape the next generation of Mittelstand and ensure that the German Mittelstand is recognized as a catalyst of industry transformation and the front-runner of innovation, which will have a crucial and long-lasting impact on Germany's economic future.

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Human Resources Development & Career Paths

29.06.2021 10:00–12:00

Human resource development for the sustainable building of strong teams: Norbert Prause, Head of Human Resources, shares learnings from the introduction of a new development program at Lauda.

Online | Past event

Maschinenraum Recruitment Circle I Recruiting Tech-Talents

18. May 2021 10:00-11:30
Ricarda Kaiser, Teamlead Active Sourcing, shows how Fiege recruits tech talents. Employer branding and active sourcing play just as important a role as an adapted corporate culture and an individual working environment for tech talents.

Online I Past event

Maschinenraum Recruitment Circle I HR Marketing at Paracelsus-Kliniken

20. April 2021 10:00-11:30
In this Deep Dive, Katharina Lutermann, Manager Employer Branding/Employee Relation at Paracelsus-Kliniken, shows what steps have been taken over the past year and a half at Paracelsus to give its employer image a whole new look.

Online | Past event

Maschinenraum Recruitment Circle I Town Hall Meeting

17. February 2021 10:00-12:00
After successful topic-based Deep Dives, we will meet for a Town Hall Meeting. At this meeting, we would like to jointly identify and define the topics for further Deep Dives in order to continue learning from each other in the future and to share knowledge and experience in a targeted manner.

Online | past event

Maschinenraum Recruitment Circle I Employer Branding

19. January 2021 10:00-11:30
The development of a comprehensive employer branding campaign in the Viessmann Group: applied strategies and Guerilla tactics on various communication platforms and lessons learned will be discussed.

Online | Past event

Maschinenraum Recruitment Circle I Active Sourcing

9. December 2020 10:00-11:30
In the current war for talents, companies cannot rely upon the fact that the right candidates will just apply. After the successful kick-off of the Recruitment Circle follows the first Deep Dive on the topic of "Active Sourcing" in which best practices, learnings and potential sources of error are exchanged.

Online | Past event

Maschinenraum Recruitment Circle I Candidate Journey

17. November 2020 10:00-12:00
How do we attract the right candidates and how do we ensure that they apply? How do they experience the candidate journey from the first impression on the careers page up to personal interactions?

Online | Past event

ESCP Recruiting Days 2020

9.-13. November 2020
Company presentation, interviews, and round table discussions with graduates
Registration until August 10th
Free participation for Maschinenraum Members | limited quota available

Online | Past event

Maschinenraum Recruitment Circle Vol. 1

22. September 2020 10:00-11:00
Topic: Talent Sourcing - Challenges and Best Practices
Registration until September 18th
Target group: Head of HR, Head of Recruitment

"For a successful transformation, the German Mittelstand needs entrepreneurial employees who recognize relevant trends and who are competent and motivated to drive sustainable transformation processes forward. We are glad to have an open exchange with other member companies and for being able to drive this organizational development process as an active part of Maschinenraum”

Jan Ehlers

Director Executive Education, Career Development, Corporate Relations

“I am of the strong opinion that Mittelstand is our Silicon Valley, we just don't know it yet. Now it is a matter of integrating the strengths of the next generation’s talents into this transformation to fully exploit our potential”

Matthias Friese

Head of Company Building

"Recruiting is one field in HR which never gets boring. Not only is it one of the most quickly changing HR fields from a technological perspective, it is also one that is closely bound to the business in its realisation of strategy and goals. Every day presents a new challenge, as well as an opportunity to learn. I am really looking forward to hearing and being inspired by others to find the best and right talent for each of our unique organisations."

Joanna Pysden

Head of Recruitment & Employer Branding

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Eva Mettenmeier, Director

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