User Centricity

Having the user in the center of the company culture has never been more important. In challenging times, where customer’s needs are changing rapidly and social distancing impacts all parts of supply chains, Design Thinking serves as a fast tool to understand behavioural triggers of all stakeholders in the companies’ ecosystems and how react to them with innovative solutions. And even more - it serves as a simple tool to drive internal collaboration and corporate transformation.

Spark Ideas Within Your Core Organization

With Design Thinking you can effectively question existing traditions & spark ideas to innovate based on your current offering. A wide ranging employer involvement is as important as rigorously testing and effectively withdrawing of ideas - without blaming but promoting each other.

Explore & Innovate Adjacent to Your Business

To understand rising market opportunities as well as new competition is part of every company DNA. Design Thinking & sprints are helping to institutionalize & broaden the look outside of the current organizations. Together with internal experts you can make use of your company's unfair advantage.

Internally Connect And Drive Collaboration

The power of design thinking does not only lie within its potential of radical innovation but significantly reduces internal barriers and drives collaboration across departments. Internal hackathons as well as train-the trainer circles bridges cultural gaps.

Upcoming Events

Mito Mihelič is visiting professor at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences as well as heading all user related activities at Maschinenraum. From day one he was deeply involved into the transformation journey of the Viessmann Group and is sharing his insights & best practices on customer centricity at German Mittelstand.

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Managing Digital Products & Services at German Mittelstand

Date to be announced
We look deeper into how we can build and manage digital products at German Mittelstand without leaving the customer out of focus and still pay into our strategic objectives. We are happy to welcome Jan Hinrichs (Portfolio Lead Digital Services B2B) from Viessmann as our guest.

Partner Impuls

User Research and Validation in Digital product Management

Date to be announced
We welcome Tatiana Mamaeva (Head of UX at wattx) to give us insights on her best practices on how to continuously research your user's needs and validate upcoming features when building digital products.

Partner Impuls

Strategic Roadmapping and Prioritising in Digital Product Management

Date to be announced
Boris Libeert (Freelance consultant at wattx) will be sharing details on his best practices in successful and user-centered product management of digital services or products.

Past Events


Fast Forward Design Thinking

Event Ended
Fast hands-on approach on extracting needs from users' descriptions followed by a guided process of finding ideas for them. Two consecutive 2.5 hour workshops from 9:00-11:30 am.


Design Thinking at 'Mittelstand'

Event Ended
Introduction on Design Thinking, its main characteristics and usage at German Mittelstand to drive cultural transformation.


Introduction to Design Thinking

Event Ended
Webinar on Design Thinking, its main characteristics and potential usage in German SME, based on Viessmann examples.

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Mito Mihelič (Head of Design Strategy)

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