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A Shared Innovation Ecosystem

Maschinenraum brings together German Mittelstand & family-owned businesses to create desirable futures for generations to come. We aggregate future topics, blend individual experiences and integrate required resources and knowledge to share. We unite German Mittelstand, because we believe in the power of the collective to empower organisations individually.


Awareness & Connections

We create impact by connecting Mittelstand and thought leaders to share new perspectives and adjust to new realities. We offer space to change organisational habits and to work on digital solutions by applying the right methods and routines.


Mindsets & Agendas

We curate formats around future topics to exchange and learn. We provide decision-makers with clarity to understand transformation topics, to find solutions and to make better decisions to drive positive change.


Execution & Collective Actions

We facilitate new projects and cooperations by accelerating implementation of sustainable solutions. We focus on idea validation and offer access to required resources and methods.

Our Members

We create a learning system that thrives on companies opening up and sharing their experiences. Companies benefit from mutual exchange and access to resources, methods, knowledge and infrastructure. Maschinenraum is an initiative by Mittelstand for Mittelstand.

“Family businesses from the Mittelstand like us shape and support the German economy, be it as job engine or driver for innovation. We are ready and flexible enough to drive new developments – including digitization. This presents us with a major challenge in the construction industry: networking that goes beyond technology. If you want to be successful here, you have to think outside the box and seek dialogue with others. This is also how we see our cooperation with Maschinenraum: In cooperation with other medium-sized companies and start-ups, it offers the necessary space for exchange, impulses and inspiration for new solutions.”

Hubert Fritschi

CDO Schöck Group
“Maschinenraum as a co-creation workspace in the startup hub Berlin is the ideal place for us to advance our company building activities in the log-tech area. The agile exchange with other innovative SMEs at Maschinenraum also enables network effects and offers the opportunity to create synergies across industries.”

Jens Fiege

“As digitalization has also arrived in the construction industry, Viessmann has taken the initiative in an exemplary fashion, creating space and a network for joint learning and design. As a company with a long tradition, Knauf supports these objectives and wants to be part of this journey of the German Mittelstand.”

Jörg Kampmeyer

CEO Knauf
“A huge value for our country lies in the cooperation between Mittelstand and startups. The Mittelstand is the backbone of our economy and startups are well on their way of fulfilling this role in future. But even more potential can be tapped if both worlds work together and learn from each other. This is where Maschinenraum comes into play. Mittelstand companies benefit from the speed and self-confidence of startups and startups can learn how to build a sustainable business that provides prosperity and work for entire generations.”

Christian Miele

Chairman of the German Startups Association
“Family businesses are by far the majority of all companies in Germany and provide most jobs in important sectors. However, digitization poses challenges for companies regardless of size and industry due to changing markets, but at the same time offers enormous opportunities for innovation, new products and solutions. The key to this is collaboration - within one's own organization, across industries and even generations. Maschinenraum offers the ideal framework for this: through exchange and networking between established SMEs, young companies and tech-savvy experts.”

Robert Reisch

CDO Alfons W. Gentner Verlag
“We are pleased to be part of the Maschinenraum community and have relocated some of our PHOENIX CONTACT Smart Business GmbH employees to Maschinenraum as another step in growth. The goal is to generate more synergies between the startup ecosystem in Berlin, as well as other SMEs and our core business in order to further expand our competencies for data-centric business models. We greatly benefit from Maschinenraum’s network, which offers us an innovative environment with high flexibility and good impulses.”

Frank Stührenberg

“As a leading company in the field of elevator digitization, VESTNER is reinterpreting the role of the elevator. As a member of Maschinenraum, we are very happy to be part of an innovation ecosystem that enables us to positively shape the future of German SMEs together with other companies and to further expand our initiatives in the field of digitization. We are convinced that IoT will fundamentally change the industry due to exponentially expanding customer requirements. Those who have no solution today will not be able to survive tomorrow.”

Simon Vestner

Owner VESTNER Aufzüge
“German family-owned companies stand for values, cohesion, long-term orientation and regional responsibility. As medium-sized companies and startups meet at eye level, their competencies and strengths complement each other. Modern companies can only meet the challenges of the present and the future through cooperation and openness; the individual company no longer has all the skills and technologies needed to be competitive in highly innovative sectors. With Maschinenraum, a platform that turns experiences and entrepreneurial curiosity into competitive advantages is born. I am pleased that this opens up another new path for SMEs of tomorrow.”

Prof. Dieter Kempf

President of the BDI

Opening 2020

Maschinenraum has officially opened its doors in March 2020 and is already home to leading German Mittelstand and family-owned companies across industries.

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